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Ann Barker

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What excites me most about serving St. Joseph's is that we reach out in love to serve so many people.  We donate money and in-kind contributions to several organizations each year, including Helping in His Name Food Pantry and our Christmas Angel Tree project.  We have a partnership with a local hospice that involves many of our members in serving the community through projects as varied as pet therapy, craft projects at senior centers and a butterfly release event, which commemorates all those who have died in the past year.  St. Joseph's is also a friendly, welcoming community.  New members have pointed to this quality as one of the reasons they came to the church.  And the congregation enjoys a rich community life. 

I have been a priest for 20 years. Two of my special interests are Christian education and pastoral care. Before being called to the priesthood, I was a magazine editor for 12 years. Born and raised in Charleston, WV, I lived in Dunwoody, GA for 19 years in the 1980s and 1990s. I have one son, Evan, who lives in Smyrna, GA, with his wife Kristy. A trained singer, I have eclectic tastes in music. I enjoy exercising, reading mysteries, and working crosswords.

Music Director

Friedemann Stihler

Friedemann has an impressive 40-year career in the field of sacred music, composing and arranging his own music and lyrics. He has been highly successful in, and passionate about, playing the organ and piano regularly at Sunday church services for the past 45 years whilst leading multiple choirs. Friedemann also has extensive touring experience earning recognition on a national and international stage winning various awards with the semi-professional choir Joyful Voices.Friedemann was recognized for his conductor and musical director work with SATB, TTBB and SSAA choirs over the past 40 years in 2016.

Friedemann's love of music began at the age of five when he first started playing the piano. Since this time music has been a strong and constant pillar throughout Friedemann's life. Just as music provided him a sanctuary from which he has developed his craft he in turn utilizes the same to impart his musical knowledge through piano, organ and vocal training. Friedemann focuses on
providing his students with both a fun and challenging environment that keeps children of all ages engaged all the while helping them develop the life skills to achieve their goals both as musicians and individuals.

In 2018, Friedemann and his wife Silvia immigrated to the United States on an O1 (person with outstanding ability) visa and is approved by the United States Customs and Immigration Service to legally work in the USA.

Parish Administrator

Terry Gilbert

I am a 4th generation Episcopalian. I retired as a registered nurse 2 years ago and it is now my great pleasure to serve St. Joseph's as the parish administrator. I love spending time outdoors with family and friends or with my dog, Rosie.  I enjoy quilting, baking, and playing the piano when I'm at home. My greatest joy is having my daughter and 2 granddaughters living nearby.  

Vestry Members

Judith Ogden - Sr Warden

Sheryl Parsons - Jr Warden

Karen Pompey - Parish Life

Kim Cornell - Christian Ed

Marcie hale - Outreach

Ingram Douglas-Hall - Vision

Terry Gilbert - Parish Life

Hope Thompson - Worship


Joan Baldwin - Treasurer