Holy Asides
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November 19, 2014, 11:00 AM

(Mi) Gran Sueno

Many of you know that I recently returned from an eight-day clergy-wellness program called CREDO. The purpose of CREDO is to promote healthy living: financially, physically, spiritually, relationally, and vocationally. The specific purpose of this particular CREDO was to encourage the clergy to develop a “Rule of Life,” but the underlying purpose was also to carve out enough time for people to truly unwind, unplug, and hear God. 


There were a variety of lectures, break-out sessions, and exercises (as I am sure you can imagine) that went into helping the 29 priests in attendance discern where God was leading them. There were several small nuggets that came out of these sessions that I will be pondering over for the next several months. The two sessions that I found most helpful were the Core Values exercise and the Mi Gran Sueño (or “My Big Dream”.) While there are many aspects both spiritually and relationally that I hold dear, I was surprised to learn that my greatest core value is to be a “healing vessel of God’s love and grace.” This was helpful in thinking about My Big Dream—to give back to the Church. I will have been ordained for thirty years when I am only 56, and while I have no idea what the future holds, the question was presented: “In what ways will I be able to be a healing vessel of God’s grace and love, post-retirement?” I could serve as a missionary; or teach in a seminary; or serve in inner-city missions; or lead CREDO type seminars to the working-poor; or cycle around the country visiting and praying for Episcopal clergy and churches. The possibilities are endless.


CREDO ended last Monday. 


On Thursday, while I was praying during Holy Hour—God spoke clearly. You have a Gran Sueño, it is for St. Joseph’s to be “the Church.” I can’t describe the intense feeling I had at that moment. It was an overwhelming burning within me, and I was moved nearly to tears. Yes, this is my dream: that St. Joseph’s will be a church where lives are changed and people are transformed. St. Joseph’s will be a vessel of God’s healing grace and love. We will be a people, who look outside of ourselves to encourage, love and bless. We will bless each other. We will bless our community. We will be an instrument of healing in a broken and hurting world. Of course, unlike many other “dreams” that I might have, the fulfillment of this dream cannot be accomplished solely through my own efforts. It will take all of us working together. It will take each of us embracing the call to love one another as Christ loved us. It will take all of us investing in the life of St. Joseph’s—for in reality, “Mi Gran Sueño” is that St. Joseph’s becoming a church of God’s healing power and love, shifts from “My Big Dream” to “OUR Big Dream.”

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