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August 31, 2015, 4:03 PM

Growing into our Vision

I was greatly pleased by the number of people who came out for the “Exploring Who We Are” dinner and discussion last Saturday evening. Additionally, I thought the Vestry did a great job preparing and serving dinner, as well as facilitating the table discussions. While there will be much said about that evening over the coming months, especially as we look at our vision and mission, I want to highlight one aspect: the 2020 vision component.


A topic discussed was what St. Joseph’s would look like in five years. After perusing the feedback from the 65 people in attendance, there was one common theme that emerged: growth. In five years, St. Joseph’s will grow. We will grow in leadership. We will grow in participation. We will grow in diversity. We will care for one another in deeper and more meaningful ways. We will grow in the number of families attending with more kids, teens, and young people. Our outreach into the community will be expanded. Our building will hopefully be expanded. The question then becomes, how will this growth take place?

While the specifics of how we grow will take prayer and discernment, the general principle will be the same as when talking about growth of any kind. How do kids grow? How do plants grow? They are fed, watered, cared for, nurtured, cultivated, and weeded. In short, there is much work and investment that goes into this growth. There is much care and intentional effort that occurs throughout the process. The same will be true for growth to occur at St. Joseph’s. We will need to feed on the word of God in worship. We will need to care and nurture one another. We will need to intentionally reach out to our neighbors and communities to cultivate the soil. And we will need to be patient. Growth does not happen overnight. Also, in the midst of the growth that does occur, there will need to be weeding and pruning to encourage greater growth. And, perhaps most importantly, it will be a process that involves many active participants. Growth will not take place by depending solely on the clergy and vestry. We must work together in unity, effort, and partnership in order for true growth to take place. 


I look forward to the next stages of this conversation with all of you, as we begin to cultivate and prepare the soil for the planting that we will undertake.

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